Don’t Take It All Too Seriously

A bit more about ME

So, what about me?

I believe that humour builds trust and that one of the keys to success is to not take yourself too seriously so, while I treat music, relationships and collaborations with a great deal of professionalism at the same time I personally like to take everything that comes my way with a smile and a lighted heart!!

Italian origins, my full name is Sara Spagnoli but I’m known professionally as Sara Cruz, I’m also an ex-Londoner and apart from releasing several dance records and a feature with superstar rapper Flo Rida (that he might not be aware of🙄 ) my music has also being played by some of the world’s biggest DJ’s including Knife Party, Klute and Outbreak, which is not too bad… but I’m hoping to do better in the future… anyway !! 🙂

Songwriter for Sony ATV Scandinavia for several years (not too sure they know of this either🤔), I embraced different music genres throughout my career but there has always been a main focus on writing catchy pop songs for other artists other than just my own projects.

Most recently –ok I’m proud of this one– I successfully co-wrote legendary Koda Kumi’s new come back single ‘PUFF’, released in June 2020, also launched by the Japanese popstar in her channel series of ‘home work outs’ and ‘how to dance’ tutorials for which I’ve also contributed with a total unofficial and personal ‘cat version work out’ shot with my super cute and most-of-the-time-when-she-is-not-trying-to-destroy-my-house super funny kitten ‘Mila’! 🙂

Mila has a dedicated channel on Tik Tok @saracruzofficial where I make sure to post funny videos of her and of our new journey together.






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