Credits &

Tv Sync


Here’s a playlist with some of my ‘Credits’:

they include cuts for global artists, credited features, singles that received national Radio airplay & DJ support, tracks that have been placed on Tv & commercials such as Tampax & Andrew Christian’s sports wear collection, popular Video Games such as Assassin’s Creed & Our World to name a few.

sara cruz

So, what about me?

Italian-born & ex-Londoner, my full name is Sara Spagnoli but I’m known professionally as Sara Cruz, I released a few records and I have a big crush for retro & 80’s synths, lush & dreampop soundscapes.


Alone - Sara Cruz x Death Beats
Sara Cruz - Lost On Love



2two wrongs - Sara Cruz
Otherside (Deathray Mix) - Chris Keya The Death Beats Sara Cruz